Inter-Islamic Network on Virtual Universities (IINVU)
Tuesday 9/23/2014


Inter-Islamic Network on Virtual Universities (IINVU)

According to the 13th Executive Committee Meeting of COMSTECH held on 1st-3rd April 2008, at Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and in order to strengthen the relations and improve the scientific, instructional, academic research and technological collaborations among Islamic countries, it was decided to establish IINVU in the Islamic Republic of Iran; and, it was inaugurated on January 8, 2012 in PNU to support the instructional and research networks based on new ICT and knowledge engineering and promote joint ventures and collaboration culture among entrepreneurs and Muslim scientists of Islamic countries through laying the required groundwork.


IINVU Objectives

·         Establishing the quality concept and strategic management pattern in the field of higher education in the Islamic countries

·         Promoting the status and role of open, distance and virtual universities in national and regional development projects of the Islamic countries

·         Providing grounds for joint cooperation among universities and scientific research centers of the Islamic countries

·         Offering educational programs and conducting
inter-network joint research projects

·         Promoting the level of scientific, educational and research findings of the Islamic countries

·         Creating knowledge network and reducing the rate of scientists emigration from country

·         Providing educational services for the non-and-under developed communities

IINVU Commitments

·         Providing educational and research facilities for intelligent cyber space which has flexible educational goals, options, and choices of appropriate time and place for education and with intelligent capability of developing suitable educational materials and optimal instructional tools

·         Renovation and accomplishment of the old and ineffective and inefficient optimal educational systems

·         Providing infrastructure for producing multimedia
and web-based educational contents, virtual laboratories and virtual research spaces

·         Providing facilities in order to transfer the existing experiences (information, human resources and etc) in the field of educational technologies and educational tools and accessories technologies, among member states

·         Supporting feasibility studies and developing the intelligent universities in the Islamic countries

·         Facilitating the procedures of exchanging students, scholars, and faculty members among Islamic countries with the aim of promoting scientific researchers' knowledge and experience in their fields of study

·         Defining and supporting intellectual property system of educational products, contents and knowledge, among Islamic countries

·         Supporting the specialized workshops and training courses in the field of educational system development

·         Supporting the development and updating of data bases in the field of human resources development (Elites, modern technologies and etc (.