Office of Open and Multimedia Education
Sunday 10/26/2014

Office of Open and Multimedia Education


Virtual education has been launched in PNU since 2005 with about 400 students and developed in 2010 under the Office of Open and Multimedia Education by enrolling 1200 students. Paralleling to developing the office, producing electronic contents for 38 programs and 159 titles was started. Up to now, about 545 titles electronic contents being produced for 94 programs and more than 8000 virtual students enrolled in PNU. Moreover, the office has provided 16,000 conventional students with e-learning services.

The most important duties of the office are as follows:

-         Assisting in the promotion of knowledge and culture of the society

-         Creating appropriate ground for further accessibility to education

-         Developing applied and specialized education

-         Planning for providing e-learning for practical courses at master's degree level

-         Holding PNU e-learning exams electronically

-         Launching necessary open and short term education for organizations by using e-learning as well as face-to-face courses

-         Concluding contracts and memorandum of understanding with other universities, private and publics educational and non-educational institutions for providing open and short term education

-         Preparing and updating e-learning standards as well as desirable learning conditions

-         Planning for providing mobile learning and cloud computing

-         Studying world modern technologies for enhancing e-learning qualitatively and quantitatively

-         Producing electronic course content at bachelor and master degree programs

-         Planning for launching TV channel for PNU e-learning