Research and Technological Activities
Sunday 12/14/2014

Research and Technological Activities


  1. Receiving publication license for 11 scientific-research journals; preparing 25 journals which have not yet received credit to be rated as scientific-research and 20 journals which have granted initial approval for their titles
  2. Publication of 21 scientific journals in printed and electronic forms with the approval of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
  3. Uploading 42 titles in electronic journals database
  4. Collecting the data of all ISI, ISC and scientific-research journals in the research focused database
  5. Possibility of making use of 2 English accredited scientific online database "Sage" and "Emerald" and 2 Persian scientific database "SID" and "ISC" as well as having access to the offline database "Gigalib" for the academic staff and students in PNU Headquarters and the Continuing Education Center
  6. Receiving 4,000 articles from the above-mentioned database in the the first semester
  7. Offering 1,400 articles for the PNU academic staffs and students via the article's application form
  8. Indexing articles of 33 university published Journal in the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC)
  9. Launching databases for national library management (2013), examination (2013), Golestan research (2012), video conferencing for simultaneous communication between 40 places (2011), journals (2010), Golestan education, digital library (with 85114 titles of digital resources), e-learning, automation, recruiting of faculty members, staff welfare, faculty members profiles
  10. Designing, consulting and supervising on launching database for university headquarters
  11. Connecting the university headquarters and 16 provincial study centers to intranet with speed of 100mb
  12. Conducting paperless examinations in total local study centers and units
  13. Equipping all of examination centers throughout the country to encoder
  14. Preparing new database for e-learning
  15. Launching portals for 31 provincial study centers and 500 sub portal
  16. Concluding a mega project contract in 2012 for sum of 100 billion Rls in order to develop and promote the culture of environment with the aim of citizens' contribution in environment protection (PNU as the main implementer)
  17. Concluding six mega projects in 2012
  18. Establishing 10 knowledge-based companies by academic members and 17 companies by students
  19. Training 30 skilled teachers entrepreneurship by teacher training entrepreneurship course with collaboration of Entrepreneurship Faculty of Tehran University in 2012
  20. Launching database of educational resources compilation